Post Election Thoughts

I think it is clear to everyone, just how outraged the internet is about Trump being elected. It has come to a great surprise to all of us that it played out this way. It is in my nature however to play the contrarian, that I will, and try and find some positive message in all of this; does that mean that I am for trump? no, I am for the people. It is the people of this country that created Trump, without them he wouldn’t have come so far, let us not forget that. The man Donald Trump is just a popular figure, some love him and most can’t stand him. But what I want to talk about here is the concept of a ‘Trump’. This country had someone like Trump coming to it for a long time, in-fact it created him, his brash and outspoken ways strike almost like a kind of protest towards the current stagnating establishment, it reflects a deep seated frustration that we all have against the system. Trump says he’s anti-establishment and indeed he is, he’s anti ‘their’ establishment,  not anti-establishment in general. It is these sentiments that people took to the ballot box.

The american middle class had been almost completely eroded during the great recession of 2008, millions of jobs were lost and thousands of homes were re possessed and it wasn’t just in america, the whole world felt its effects. All this because of the actions of a corrupt banking system and an equally corrupt government who would let it happen and even bail the banks out. How do you think all this would make people feel in the next election? They were mad, mad at the system and mad at how their lives had been destroyed. When a person like Trump comes along who so clearly articulates their frustrations, they had to vote for him, because his opponent is the very thing that destroyed them. Hillary Clinton is the very embodiment of the corrupt status quo, the press would have us believe that she is the paragon of liberal virtue, but this would not be further from the truth. The fact is, people wanted change, and voting for Hillary would not change anything. Things would stay the same as they have and whether or not Trump being elected would bring about good, it will being about change. There is no going back now, americans have already voted in their president and nothing can change that. We can only hope, hope is what we have that brings us together. Unwavering, unchanging hope for a brighter tomorrow.


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