On Growing Up.

What does it mean to be an adult? This question must linger in the back of every child’s mind. Once we were young; full of joy and imagination which now, is but a subject of fantasy. Like an evanescent dream, slowly fading away. We have become staunch towards what society dictates us to be, while transitioning into grownups, we change ourselves to fit in, so that we don’t feel left out. We work long tiring hours in hopes that it will all payoff someday and that we will find true happiness, we conform ourselves to rigid standards and lust over material wealth which give us short bursts of pleasure to fill some kind of void within us. When children look at adults they think they are truly odd indeed.

In truth we have lost ourselves, we have lost our appreciation for simplicity and our ability to imagine, but it is not our fault, the world we live in does not allow us the pleasures which we once had, everything moves at a fast pace and there is little time for such things as having fun or creativity, it is a world driven by competition and greed. Adults look at children and wonder how they can keep themselves occupied, for hours on end, doing the most mundane and pointless things, but in truth, they have merely forgotten. They have forgotten how to have fun, in their search for material wealth and money they have become almost mechanical. The message here is not to act immaturely but to think back and remember what made us happy before so that we can once again revive within ourselves our capacity for imagination so that we can grow up to be better adults and in essence, better people.


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