On our obsession with pointlessness

Every afternoon whenever I get back from class my first thought will always be, how can I kill time for the rest of the afternoon?. And everyday, I find myself engaged in a new  activity while I put off all my pressing responsibilities. See, I am a do-work-at-the-last-minute kind of guy and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. Wether it be watching a video or any other minor thing, I like to keep myself involved in it and it brings me a strange sense of satisfaction. 

The entire world in fact, indulges in this feeling as they watch countless cat videos and “vines” as they call it. It’s the reason websites like 4chan and 9gag have gotten so popular and also a major factor contributing to things going “viral”. One of the most pointless examples of my point is “The Dress”, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably don’t know what the Internet is or you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years. I for one never understood what the big deal was, it’s just a dress, it doesn’t matter what it’s color is… Apparently it does matter, a lot, as the Internet went crazy in just a couple of hours and the virality grew; leading to ACTUAL fights between people.

I may portray this phenomenon to be a bad thing, maybe it is, considering the amount of time we all loose collectively. The fact is, the world is a harsh harsh place, and sometimes it gets too much for us to handle. Call it escapism if you want, but we are not machines, we are loving, caring creatures and we need to interact with ourselves to have peace and harmony whithin our communities and I think the Internet is beautiful in the way it facilitates that. 

Even as we procrastinate, we still cannot forget our commitments and responsibilities for those things are still more important. Also, while we dawdle away our time, there are two ways we can do it. We can continue our obsession with pointlessness, or we can engages in things that actually mean something, whether that be for the betterment of ourselves or others. We have to learn to use our time better, because there’s only so much of it, and in the long-run we are all dead.


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