Alone but not lonely



Man in all his ways is a social animal, he cannot view himself objectively hence he relies on the thoughts and views of society in order evaluate and improve himself. A simple exercise would be to simply to take a look around you while sitting in a crowded place; how do you perceive the people around you? Some people you consider ”hot” or good-looking, some overly extroverted or ”crazy” and some who you never notice at all, they are the unseen, the watchers who are never watched, like that guy in the corner of the library quietly tapping away on his laptop while all the world moves around him in commotion. I am that guy.

I am part of the relatively unnoticed populous, and if you can relate to this then you are one of us too, society calls us ”loners”. But once again, rather sinfully, society seems to have attributed being different to a negative term. That’s just how we are.. I have come to realize this to be an absolute truth just like a scientific law. There is a darkness within the collective masses and it aches to find an outlet through some way.

There is a stark difference between being lonely and being alone. Loneliness is a dark void that you can sometimes physically feel, it’s like a darkness hanging above you, consuming you from within. We have all been lonely at some point; it stems from our inability to fit in, or conform to standards that have been set so high that at this point I fear for the souls of the lonely ones, their numbers are growing and their sadness will soon engulf the world. This seems very grim but the answer lies within us. Yes, I know that sounds overly clichĂ©d but the fact is you should stop caring. Stop caring about what people think and embrace your emptiness, let it wash over you and you will feel a new sense of freedom in the world. Of course that isn’t easy and the world doesn’t make it easier for anyone; that’s why you must find the courage within yourself to try. Most of the time you will discover yourself more, maybe even find your purpose in life. So here’s to trying and not giving a shit.


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