Smoke in the air

There is no eternal darkness within us nor is there pure light, there is just grey smoke which convulses swishing around, sometimes taking horrible shapes and sometimes lets light shine through. This post comes to me in the light of the sever awareness of violence against women that has come to light, I don’t really write about serious matters of the present, I usually ramble about my own personal nonsense which no one seems to read. As I walked to class today I noticed a clothes line across the central square, tee shirts market with violence, telling tales of men who lack even the slightest ounce of dignity or shame. I didn’t know what to think, as I’m slightly dead inside, but I couldn’t help wondering what would bring a person to hurt someone inferior.

A kind of primal instinct that throws them into a mad rage, something I’ve noticed about men of this kind. Violence unfortunately, has always been present in our history, although I think it’s intensity has gradually decreased, from the way we treated slaves in the 1500’s to today’s common violence. Enlightenment of course, is the reason for this decline, but I wonder if it can be erased permanently, probably not. We are on the right path though, the right way to deal with these things is together, just like in history, it is all of us together who stop the oppressive people. No one person can shoulder the responsibility of all that is good and honorable, that person is usually assassinated.

But like all bad things, this too shall pass. Nothing is permanent; and like smoke in the air, this too shall dissolve.


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