Expectations and reality

There comes a time in your life when you must face big and stressful events which are highly critical to everything that you hope to be, and just as how you read a book and imagine the world in it, so to will you imagine the scenario you will be in when you face that event.

I faced such an event recently when I went to the U.S embassy to stand for my student visa, it marked a turning point in my life, a time for new beginnings and renewed enthusiasm. The worst part was the night before, because these days we tend to internalize a lot of things, mostly because we are not at war, which is a good thing of course. All our tensions and anxiety twist and writhe within us, growing dark and clouding our minds with unfounded fear. When I thought of the embassy before going there, I imagined a shiny maroon glass floor, with high copper pillars and large amounts of time spent standing up or walking. The actual place though, was quite different, although security was strict (which they needed to be), after the initial check the embassy opened up into a friendly garden with a stone walkway with offices standing next to the growing plants. The place had a refreshment counter too and I could see the sun shine through the glass walls; makes me wonder if they made it comforting on purpose expecting worry ridden people like me. Fortunately, I got the visa without much hassle. This is mainly what prompted me to write about our expectations and how misleading they can be. It gets even worse when it’s a good thing that’s going to happen.

There is nothing more amazing than the world our minds can make, and often times we get a bit carried away with our fantasizing, so much so that there is nothing the “real” world can give us to satisfy the minds needs, leaving us feeling a bit empty and unfulfilled, which personally, is the worst thing I could feel. That’s why trips planned months in advance slowly loose their luster and become less appealing. I believe in spontaneity, when you do things on impulse, like when you just decide to leave for that party on short notice and you have the time of your life even though everything went by in a blur. You’re left feeling satisfied, a feeling from the heart and not the mind.

So stop living in your head and live for real, when you feel your mind get tense, learn to let go and let your thoughts wash over you. Your expectations must neither be good nor bad, they should be non existent.


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