On the brink of catastrophe

Have you ever had one of those times when your sure that everything that could have gone wrong in your life had gone wrong and that there was nothing you could possibly do to fix it. It is during these times that we can truly reflect on our lives, even our strongest resolves turn to ashes, the feeling is like an electric current coursing through your veins and it gives you a new sense of clarity which is truly beautiful because in that moment, that moment when you realize that this is the end; what are you then? Are you a father, friend or whatever else that you think defines you. You are nothing, when you take that leap and feel that fall, all that you think you are, you are not, all the things that we think that define us, the guise that we wrap ourselves in vanishes, and we are nothing, hence there is nothing we cannot do.

In our lives we live in fear, everyday we go about our lives afraid, afraid of what is to be and what is within, although we do not admit to it, and seldom face it, it hangs over us like a dark cloud, preventing us from doing things we later regret not doing. In the business world, we term this risk; it is believed that there is always some amount of risk in everything we do. The more risk you take the more likely you are to fail or to succeed, so it is a matter of chance but the choice is yours wether to chance it or not.

Some people term it as a principle of conservatism or “playing safe” as it’s otherwise called, but the world is changing and new radical ideas are killing the conservative ideology, if we truly hope for significant change for the better, playing it safe is not an option. It mainly depends on wether a person prefers certainty over uncertainty. The former person would likely want things going their way and do not appreciate any unexpected changes, their scared of what may happen to them if things didn’t go their way and so they enforce their rules. This basic system can be seen pretty much everywhere, although ranging in severity from a dictatorship to a petty thief putting a gun to your head. It gives us a sense of control in our uncertain world.

But try as we can the human nature in incredibly volatile and cannot be controlled, and the vigor in which we resist will be greater, should that control be tightened. On a more personal level though we could have the most interesting lives, if we could only forever live on the brink of catastrophe.


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