I haven’t posted in quite a while, partly because I have begun to question why I write or why anybody of my stature would write, my stature being nothing; I’m just your average everyday person, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.. I have sorrow, but sorrow is ordinary. Me along with millions of other people just like me are plagued by this mental sickness that everything we do or say just doesn’t matter because of the sheer number of us on the planet. I believe that each person is unique, yes, and you could shrink the number of people down to only those who can express themselves through some way, but still as new generations come along more and more people are starting to become expressive, the platforms where they can express themselves are becoming increasingly destabilized.

I have come into the habit of watching v-loggers on You tube, I feel v-logging really is the epitome of self expression, daily v-logging for example, lets you have a look into a persons entire life and witness his/her’s unique personality, and normal v-logging is when you sit in front of a camera and just talk about whatever you want, v-loggers attain a level of self expression which is hard to come by anywhere else and also which I am kept from by my limited ability to express myself fully in words. The thing is, all the big time You tubers actually get paid to do what they do and when people found out about this they followed the money, because that’s really the end game isn’t it? well no, the endgame is survival, which unfortunately we need money to do. That increasing need for money while trying to express yourself at the same time is okay to some extent, but industries such as music and movies have crossed the limit in that need for money, but we couldn’t really help that, people will naturally, overtime, want more for themselves, I mean who wouldn’t want a bigger house or a better car. They reach the need for Prestige the second highest in Maslows hierarchy of needs, it’s a natural process and it is integrated within each one of us. But, as I have learned, where there is great wealth, there are very few people; that’s why so much wealth is concentrated into the hands of a few, the competition level sky rockets; you would have to be truly amazing and mind blowing to make it anywhere in the music industry these days, or any industry for that matter, the bar has been raised too high and it’s becoming harder to climb the ladder to fame.

This shows me how expressing yourself through any form of media is getting exceedingly money oriented and how this is making it harder and harder for fresh talent to form and take root, causing the insignificance I feel.


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