Text Talk


so hy guys m gonna b writing lik dis frm now onwrds cause thas how I relly tok irl life…. and thas how mst f de ppl talk on the interweb nwdays

Okay I can’t do this anymore, it makes my skin crawl to force myself to write like that. If you’re into high quality literature you probably cringe every time you see someone on the internet type like that or if you get a message on some festive occasion saying ” hey man hppy new year hve a gr8 yr ahed :DDDDD”, it’s one of those major face palm moments for me whenever that happens.

Throughout the late ninety’s until today people have been quite restless and impatient. With the development of new technologies to make out life easier and do things faster, to us humans, it is never fast enough and never convenient enough, that’s why we strive to come up with even faster technologies which we truly have no need for. In fact this obsession over speed is so pervasive in us that it has even permeated the way we write and pretty soon the way we read too. So developed a new kind of language, the SMS language. Here words are abbreviated and sometimes numbers thrown in to make the whole reading and writing experience, short and quick. I believe that this kind of writing is actually eroding our actual writing ability, but I guess people can’t really write Shakespearean English while texting, even though it may sound beautiful, it’s not really practical.

Although I acknowledge text talk to be a form of writing in its own, I still loathe it and refrain from using it at all times. I don’t know if I hate it because it goes against everything I learned or because I’m just a naturally slow person and I lack the urge to do every thing really fast, on the contrary I actually like taking things slow… too slow (procrastination reference). Now don’t get me wrong I don’t use old English while I text my friends, that would be quite hilarious. I just keep it simple, and I don’t reduce my words to the dismal state that they are brought to by most people; a sentence that has wrong words and incorrect grammar looks incomplete to me, but if you don’t really care about proper grammar and are looking for something quick and easy, then this is the thing for you, wait what am I saying, you’re probably already using it. I told my friend about this post I’m writing and she seemed to disagree, she said that this was just a phase and eventually people will start writing normally again; but as long as technology exists and as long as people fail to see the beauty of the language that they so easily brutalize, ”ppl will cntinue to type lik dis”

So lets look at this from several perspectives, taking away my human bias that goes against change. With our constantly improving technology and more places gaining access to the internet, more and more people will start writing like that; future generations who will be born into an era with that state of technology will find it natural to write like that, because people have already been doing it and those people will most probably be their elders. A person such as me wouldn’t exist or would be very old in a future such as that, remembering the ‘good ol days’ when we used to write normally. Of course normal writing will still exist in books and students will still be taught English in school, but I imagine it to be somewhat changed, just as it changed from Shakespearean times to now.  This change in the way we write has a strong correlation to the change in the way we talk, like in this day and age the way we talk has changed since older times and it has taken its toll on writing, changing it to a simpler form, and ‘text talk’ I believe, is a by-product of that change with the addition of new ways of writing (social media etc); this correlation between talking and writing comes about due to similarities between the two at any given point in time whether it be older times or the current time. The way we speak English is the way we write it, and this SMS language closely resembles the everyday spoken word, as we don’t speak with spelling or grammar in mind, those things come naturally to us, and because they come naturally to us and are so subtle when we speak them, we either choose to ignore them or fail to interpret them into the written word; and as a result make some dire mistakes when we’re trying to communicate something, and good communication ability, is one of the most important things a person can have in his or her life; that everyone, is why you must pay attention during English class.


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