On democracy and capitalism

Now I know what your thinking, what a terribly boring topic to write on, especially when they are so unrelated and were literally the reason our spirits got crushed during social science classes in school, well yes, I can imagine you have better things to worry about during school. But when you finish your schooling and come into the so called ” real world” you start working, paying taxes and probably some kind of debt. You will also be able to vote, yes vote! All for one and one for all! It’s a Democracy! A miracle! A place where everyone is born free and equal. It comprises a democratic government, fueled by politics, and spoiled by  controversy. Its job essentially, is to distribute wealth and create prosperity among the people. Sadly though, it is penny less. This is where capitalism comes in.

Capitalists are money makers. If you are a capitalist then you are undoubtedly quite rich. Capitalists are vicious as well as efficient. They will do whatever must be done in order to get what they want and by doing so they have reached heights unheard of, this is clearly evident when you take in the immensity of the colossal titan that is wall street. Capitalism believes that it is above the law or rather, there is no law. Trust me if you asked a room full of capitalists to create a law, it will almost surely have a buyout price. Like how in a democracy one person had one vote, in capitalism if you had one euro or one dollar or let’s just say one monetary unit! You have no votes! But if you do have lots and lots of monetary units, then you do have considerable voting power, over 50% of it actually. The central bank of a country is at the heart of capitalism, and is where the money is. So let’s get back to the government, where will it get the money for its budget from? Well the central bank of course, the government will borrow from the central bank and maybe pay an interest on that loan. So one can say capitalists are creditors and the government are the debtors.

So that’s it then, two completely different systems, if left alone they can be completely useless or disastrously chaotic. But they are inseparable and make up for each others weaknesses, the government is really inefficient while capitalism isn’t. And the capitalist are regulated by law which is made by the democracy. And no matter what, nothing is above the law. I see these two forces as as two dimentions. They exist in country’s that are whole or united. Like the U.S or the U.A.E( where I live) but when you throw another dimention into that you get a crisis. The euro zone crisis actually. But that is for another post. 🙂


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