Past, Present and Future.

I know that I haven’t been writing much lately, what with studying for that god awful standardized test and cringing about the fate of my future and what not; So during this time I couldn’t help but notice how intense life is and the amount of obstacles that come in a person’s way are unreal, can our mortal bodies even handle such strain? I hardly think so. We who were the only ones who were given consciousness as far as I know and WE who consider ourselves masters of this world we live in, still have to deal with massive amounts of struggle throughout our lives until we reach our ultimate destination. Now I ask, why is this so? I guess we have the worst possible form of evolution ever, it was sweet in the beginning but our minds have grown twisted, we have come up with ideas so complex and inefficient that I recognize within each one of us a fatal flaw in the way we think, we may think of ourselves as the most smartest beings in the world but we have a lot of flaws in the way we do things; when I learned about Darwin’s theory of ”survival of the fittest” I did not give it much regard, but now, years later, I have come to understand it better; I think it is integrated within the fiber of our very being, merely being at the top of the food chain does not satisfy us, we have intense competition within ourselves as well and those who aren’t the fittest will probably draw the short end of the straw. This unquenchable feeling that we have to be the best at everything is also common in some other animals, such as when only the strongest and best hunter among a pride of lions gets to be king. We are no different in that aspect, I wonder why we are similar to them in that… aren’t we supposed to be better than them?

We cannot get rid of competition, that is completely impossible, it’s in our very nature. We can however apply our energies in things that actually matter, I wouldn’t say that people haven’t ever worked on the things that matter, they have, but to few of them; imagine what we could do if everyone has the ability to do whatever they wanted to, there are many people in the world. This constant cycle of production which happens over and over again, is something I find unnecessary. When all the things we use have the tendency to lose their functionality and need to be constantly replaced a lot of waste is created, why can’t we just focus on making commodities that last a really long time.

I believe that change will come as it always does, gradually. In a few century’s or so we can expect a more sustainable planet to live on the people of this time will probably be looking back at us and laughing their hearts out, just as we do when we look at how ancient civilizations did things… oh wait, we don’t laugh at them, do we? we actually marvel at the world that they were able to create; it makes me wonder, if future generations think us under developed and we praise the relics of the past… then what are we compared to the people of the past and the distant people in the future? have we actually done anything significant to rival our ancestors? Not really, we have merely improved upon most of the things that have already been invented like the ”flying machine” or the telephone, we have just made everything more glamorous or visually appealing, when you boil them down to their basic features they still function the same as they have been for years. Science is still progressing, scientists have come up with new theories on how to cure chronic disease and how to produce clean renewable  energy, but they are still theories, we lack the knowledge and the resources to execute them. We must leave that up to the future.

So what can you draw from this? well its simple, our ancestors were the creators of everything we know and our future generations will make the true leap of progress. Actually speaking I have been wrong to classify us into different ages, WE are part of one single era : The age of Man, and while each man has but a limited life and a few things that he can achieve, mankind lives forever and the things it can achieve cannot even be imagined


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