The Lowest Class

You know how everybody talks about all the inequality in the world?, when they talk about inequality their indirectly talking about this seemingly obscure lowest class of society. They’re talking about the laborers, the workers, the people working in darkness. I thought about this as I walked home; I heard a loud crash, it turned out to be the sound of a metallic dumpster clanging against a truck; no one would have given second thought to this seemingly ordinary occurrence, it is their job after all although it may be a hard job and the person doing it may not like it, actually no one would like doing a job such as that, but someones got to do it.

Then I look at the different classes in society and obviously they are the lowest class. What are we as a people aiming to do though? to progress, to eliminate income and job inequality, to provide good jobs to people, to improve our technologies etc. I have realized that it takes longer for technology to advance as compared to the economy, so lets envision a future where we have completely eradicated the problems of unemployment, job equality etc. and technology hasn’t advanced enough to meet it, such a world would be in utter chaos. Since technology didn’t develop at the same pace we can’t expect the common robot to be emptying our trash and building our infrastructure anytime soon and we can also not expect all the hardworking people we see today doing that work because they have all moved on to better jobs, more pay and retirement benefits. This class of people who most of us take for granted no longer exist. Workers today have hard conditions especially where I live and they have poor pay as well so if there is open opportunity for everyone to get a better job they would be the first to cue up for it. The only way to prevent it is to make them happy now, make them feel secure with their jobs so if they were to be able to gain access to better lifestyles, they would be happy with what they have.


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