Procrastination and us


This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been putting it off *sigh*. How ironic, to put off a post about procrastination. I think I have reached the epitome of hesitance and laziness. This post came to me several weeks ago when I happened to come across a post in this blog that I read (the oatmeal) which was absolutely amazing (you should go check it out, they have these really informative yet hilariously witty posts). I got the picture above from the same blog as well…

There it is again, >_< if I don’t keep a coherent grasp on my train of thought, I tend to trail off into the distance, forever lost, until I manage to get back to the point at hand; I think too much.  It’s not just me, this trait seems to be prevalent for most people my age: WE ALL THINK TOO MUCH. We don’t seem to realize it, but this is actually the root cause of all procrastination, it’s like a fat little fairy man hovering just above your head, egging you on to ignore all major responsibilities and commitments; I call him the grudge, I hate you grudge. Most of my friends (they are my age) are no strangers to my close friend the grudge here. Why, you yourself, reading this post may also be prey to his stubborn presence; how would you know whether you are or not? Well, do you find yourself using the word ”should” a lot? Like ”I should be doing my homework right now..” If you are, then I’m afraid you’ve just booked a one way ticket to procrastination hell with the grudge to guide you there.


No matter who you are, you have always felt the urge to not do something which is of great importance and you’d put it off. THE GRUDGE IS LEADING YOU TO YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION, and you are just sitting there slack-jawed and misty eyed letting it do whatever it pleases with you; this is the reason why most of us haven’t been able to perform to our utmost potential. This has therefore slowed down our progress. I’m not sure whether it is a biological limitation that we tend to procrastinate so much, it may even be something in our brains, but what I’ve noticed is that our fathers and mothers have been able to do more than us and have been able to avoid procrastination as if it were a minor annoyance, while it completely dominates our lives. Now I can go ahead and blame all the new technologies and all the innovation that we are so much engrossed in? Yeah, I COULD easily blame all of that, but is it really the cause? I cannot bring myself to blame something that’s supposed to make life easier for making it harder, for the fault lies within ourselves i.e  We are the makers of our own catastrophes.

Fret not my fellow procrastinators, it may seem bad but it is not cancer, the grudge may seem hard to beat but I find that it is incredibly weak against motivation, especially self motivation. Procrastination may make you laid back and careless but nothing can stand in the way of a fiery soul. This motivation can come from anywhere. I personally like to quote a few lines from Invictus by William Ernest Henley to myself whenever I feel the grudge hovering above me, and he instantly goes away. It goes:

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul. 

I read this poem about a year ago,  and I committed it to memory at once.  I think of it often and recite it to myself frequently, as I do I find that I have an almost constant revision of my understanding of the words, if I live to be a 100 years old , I may eventually be able to encompass its’ total meaning, if I do not it will have been time well spent.


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