Progress and teenagers.

imagesWhen I look at the entire life of a human being, I look at how efficiently a person can adapt to change in his surroundings and how well the people around him help him do that. Progress, can be measured by how far our race has come in a given period of time and we haven’t come as far as we thought we would; I mean we expected to be flying around in cars by 2013. We have realized it would take a really long time for any major change to happen. For now, we must concentrate on current progress and develop new ways in making it more efficient because efficiency results in work done quicker.

Now as I was saying, when I look at the life of a person it can be clearly seen that he is most vulnerable during the transition period when he finishes school and is still to young to start working properly; the other stages of life are reasonably less mentally problematic no matter what the divorced fat man living with his dog tells me, his transition years may not have been as great as say an ivy-league pass out, hence his poor living condition, but you can’t blame him for not going to Harvard. Without addressing the large amount of underprivileged, almost all the middle class families have to pay outrageous amounts to go to college (except Germany where education is free, but you’re still paying for it through increased taxes)  and this is really bad because this may be the most important period of a person’s life and most people look at it as a challenge to get through, we cannot allow that.

Everyone has dreams; I work at a career counselling firm and every day I see people who walk in with big dreams of going abroad and studying, and they’re all teenagers; lets define a teenager : A naive individual who’s usually unsure about what he wants to do with his life and since he doesn’t know what he wants, he usually ends up having to accept what he gets. Now lets address why he’s unsure, well there are several factors which he considers when he thinks about what he wants to do next, the first is exactly that, and the second is the cost of doing it. The U.S. in my opinion has the best educational system in the world, because it provides scholarships to worthy applicants and also is more application oriented in terms of learning, while it is easy for people living in the US to gain access to this, the same cannot be said for the rest of the world.

Now I view this business of paying tons or working incredibly hard to attain a scholarship as barriers to education. Progress, in the past was achieved through globalization; I think it would be safe to view today’s educational structure as the world as it was, before globalization. Globalization resulted in removing excessive tariff barriers and allowing direct foreign investment and has allowed the economies of the world could improve a great deal and has resulted in a lot of the progress we see in the world today. This could be done for education; precisely for the age group aforementioned because of the said reasons; undergraduate education should be free worldwide.

Of course, this is no small feat to achieve and as always no one would dare accept it at first, but it would greatly improve every individual. I would call it the globalization of human ability, and it would be a tremendous move if anyone were to attempt to do in it because it wouldn’t just be investing for a cause, it would be investing in the future.


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