The debt-limit game

1_photoSince there is so much of hate going around about the events transpiring in Washington regarding the shut down and John Boehner,as most people do, instead of considering it shear idiocy and banging my head against a wall, I would rather consider it a game, the debt-limit game.

There are many games currently being played in Washington one of them and the most dangerous by far is the debt-limit game, for one thing it has never been attempted before and no one knows what’s going to happen if the US defaults on its payment to its creditors, the main country who the US owed money is China and Japan coming in close second if it defaults this could be a great loss in terms of credit worthiness.

Let us consider a  game of brinksmanship, it usually involves one person threatening to do something really bad to another person in order to get his way for example two people on a boat one threatens the other to row or he’ll sink them both, now the other man will call bullshit on this proposal, but once the man starts to shake the boat a bit tilting it this way and that he will more impressed.

This is no new game to the republican party no, in fact they’ve been playing for quite and while now and for the majority of the time it has worked. They have been able to prevent many of the laws that had been previously present in the bush regime from expiring and since they have been able to get away with most of these things, Obama and the democratic party have realized that always accepting their terms is playing a losers game. They have realized that when they accept the republican terms after a few months they come back demanding more. So this time they won’t budge even if it means great harm to the country and in my opinion they’re doing the right thing, Obama care is a perfect reason to risk the country’s credit worthiness.

It all rests on the shoulders of John Boehner who admits that he is aware of the implications, so whatever happens for better or for worse one thing is for sure this whole thing has been completely pointless, it is a child’s game and playtime is over.

P.S. the current deal is temporary


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