On uneventful days and boredom


Today was an uneventful day I woke up as usual and went to work as usual and then I remembered that I had started a blog two days ago, I decided to start a personal blog, and I would define a personal blog as a daily on going commentary of ones life; I wondered what I should post for today, I decided to write something at the end of the day in hopes that something eventful may happen during the day which was note worthy but as it turned out nothing happened.

When the time came to actually write something I wondered if it would be safe to write about doing nothing or boredom rather,boredom is a strange feeling… I am at a loss of words to place the feeling it feels particularly dry, take how the text on this blog post is written for example it the same monotonous text that repeats itself over and over which induces a sense of boredom in people.

It is not a bad feeling oh no, it is rather sublime everything that we as people have done may have been because we were bored the brains urge to find new stimulus has resulted in some of our greatest achievements. It is a feeling that has been felt since ancient times

According to the laws of nature mere existence should sustain us and make us feel complete, but the fact that we get bored shows the unquenchable nature of the human spirit… it’s as though it is greater than the entire universe, and will not be sustained until it has done everything that it’s capable of doing, and that will be our legacy.


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