History of us.


Historians have classified our history into different ages, well I am here to say otherwise. Our history is basically divided into two parts, the first part stretches from the earliest recorded history and goes on past the wars and even more wars and is actually still going on I would like to call this part as the ‘period of conflict’ a horrible era where mankind cannot achieve progress in it true for just illusions of it. The second part is yet to come and i have great hope in humanity that it can achieve this era which I’d like to call ‘civilized man’ even today we have not achieved proper civilization there are still wars going on and there are still people dying and the world is bathed in blood. In order to achieve this second era there would be a need for an entirely  new breed of human being, this type of human will have utter dedication and perseverance to act and be civilized, this sort of man can only come into existence  after centuries of essentially, killing our need for destruction. This ancient gene that is within each of us now to conquer and oppress; it must go and when it does mankind will truly enter a golden age. I hope that in my lifetime I would be able to see at least  the beginning of such a time…


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